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MyTrip Tips!

  • * Always read, fact-check, and edit your texts before using.
  • * Do not input any personal or confidential information, additional security features coming soon.
  • * Limitations: not connected to the internet, and has limited knowledge of the world and events after 2021


All Templates

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Answer emails from traveler requests in a friendly helpful manner.
Answer reviews from travelers in an empathatic, professional manner.
Write a confirmation email stating that we have confirmed your reservation, payment, etc.
Create high-clickthrough-rate subject fields for your email
Create an inspiring paragraph and optimize it for keyword phrases.
Rewrite text to be inspirational and motivating
Correct English-language grammar
Writes exciting highlights from your text using bullet points
Create Social Media Posts from an Itinerary or Trip Description
Write a summary of an itinerary in paragraph form and define the word count.
Customize any itinerary to make it more personalized and inspiring!
Create attention-grabbing headlines and descriptions for Google Text Ads.
Choose the language you want to translate from and translate to.
Free-form chat, like ChatGPT, that loves to talk travel.