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Welcome, I am a demo of Chat Darwin, an AI travel planning assistant that speaks with the voice and knowledge of Charles Darwin. 

What is Chat Dawin and how does it work?

Chat Darwin is a demo of a rapidly evolving AI trip-planning technology. He demonstrates that any personality and base of knowledge can complement powerful trip-planning tools and provide an exceptional, and hopefully, entertaining user experience. Test him by asking for a Galapagos cruise for a specific date and trip duration.

As he is learning, he will get some things wrong, and may even say some inappropriate things occasionally.  If he does recommend you try tortoise soup, makes mistakes, or seems to have the memory of a 214-year-old man, please tell him, he will learn!

Behind the Scenes 

Chat Darwin gets his conversational and reasoning abilities from the same technology that runs ChatGPT. He gets much of his knowledge and his ability to plan trips from these sources and tools: 

  • Chat Darwin uses books and letters written by Charles Darwin as its knowledge base and voice. 
  •  Knowledge of the Galapagos Islands comes from the ebook VIVA Travel Guides Galapagos and a collection of websites, documents and data.
  • Chat Darwin can use a variety of trip planning tools and connections with other systems using APIs designed to assist travelers and professional trip planners improve the travel experience.
  • The Voyageport Galapagos API is the primary tool implemented in this demo which gives the assistant the ability to search for availability and get detailed information about ships and cruises.
  • Connects with your CRM system, Gmail, Google Workspace, and hundreds of other applications via Zapier.
  • The demo’s chat interface is managed by Tiledesk, a customer engagement platform that streamlines communication for sales and customer service teams. It offers omnichannel messaging (email, whatsapp, messenger, etc.), ticket management, analytics, and customization.  
Would you like to have your own version of Chat Darwin in your company’s voice and niche? Get a demo of the technology from the creators themselves and learn about the possibilities of using cutting-edge AI in your travel business.