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Introducing Amalia

Amalia, a MyTrip.AI Assistant that helps find the best adventure cruises, hotels and flights using Amadeus

I am an experimental demo of a MyTrip.AI Assistant that helps travelers to find and plan adventure cruises around the world. I can help you find the best cruise for your needs and check ship availability, and rates using the Widgety Cruise and VoyagePort Galapagos APIs

Add on hotels, and flights with data provided by the Amadeus API.

To the right, you will see a chat widget below. The chat widget is a familiar feature on travel websites, but with Amalia, AI initiates the chat, collects traveler contact information, requirements and preferences of the traveler in a chat conversation, and can assist in building an itinerary. 

This is just a  demo, but when installed in your website the traveler can ask to pass the chat to a human operator via the chat widget, whatsapp, a phone call, or set up a meeting with calendly or similar scheduling system. 

Embed your MyTrip.AI Assistant directly within your web page contents. Available soon.

As an alternative to a chat widget, or in addition to a chat widget, you can embed your MyTrip.AI assistant in your WordPress website with a plugin. A universal chat window embeddable in any website will be available shortly.

This enables the creative use of helpful AI features at precise parts of your website where travelers may need assistance, have questions, or even make a booking.

Amalia MyTrip.AI Assistant
Amalia chat window graphi

MyTrip.AI Assistants

Get a custom-built AI Sales & Service Assistant for your travel company.

MyTrip.AI Assistants are here to revolutionize the way tour operators, travel agencies, and specialty lodging companies interact with customers, offering unparalleled AI-driven engagement and personalized service.

MyTrip.AI + Your Team = Winning Combination

The Assistant works in perfect coordination with your team to pass passengers who are ready to make a booking or need human assistance to your team of Trip Planners. 

Your AI Assistant can collect the traveler’s name, email, and trip preferences and send an email of each chat transcript to your Trip Planners in the form of a natural conversation.

It can pass chat sessions to a human operator upon user request via web chat, telephone call, a Whatsapp chat, and arrange meetings with the user via Calendly, Hubspot, and other scheduling and booking software by passing the user a booking link.


Converting Visitors into Conversations into Customers

It’s a race to establish a relationship and help your customers achieve their travel goals quickly and efficiently

MyTrip.AI Assistants revolutionize the inspiration phase of travel planning. You can converse with it as if you’re chatting with a knowledgeable travel advisor, making the journey of discovering new destinations a delightful and interactive experience.

The Discovery Phase involves attracting potential travelers, sparking their interest in destinations or services (because your assistant understands their interests), guiding them to the perfect package, and ultimately leading them to make a booking of a once-in-a-lifetime travel experience. 

Integrate with almost any existing system

Imagine if your IT systems and those of your partners integrated seamlessly with your AI Assistant. 

Reduce busy work and serve your clients by offering them exactly what they need in the moment they need it. 

Do you have questions about how MyTrip.AI assistants can integrate with your systems? Let’s discuss it over a call.

Integrate MyTrip.AI Assistants with most any system


Custom AI Assistant
for Sales + Service
Expert assistance creating your bot
$2500 setup
$195 / month
Custom AI Assistant
+ Integrations
Advanced integrations and customizations
Get a Quote
Automatically engage with your website visitors
Assists users with trip planning 24/7​
Collects user contacts and sends you via email
Pass chats to human trip planners
Continue conversation via Whatspp or phone call
Schedule meetings with Calendly and more
Learns from your website by crawling it
Max 100 pages
Unlimited pages
Upload text, PDF & spreadsheet files with your info
Max 100 mb
Max 1000 mb
Hours of setup customization & assistance
5 Hours
Integrates with TileDesk Open Source Chat
Automated continual improvement & testing
Integrate with 1000+ applications via Zapier
Connect with travel APIs like Amadeus
Custom API and Systems Integration
Collects user info and sends to your CRM
Custom knowledge & fine tuned LLM creation