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MyTrip.AI Assistants

Get a custom-built AI Sales & Service Assistant for your travel company.

MyTrip.AI Assistants are here to revolutionize the way tour operators, travel agencies, and specialty lodging companies interact with customers, offering unparalleled AI-driven engagement and personalized service.

How do MyTrip.AI Assistants work?

Immediately Engage and Assist Your Travelers in the Booking Process

MyTrip.AI Assistants are adept at generating qualified leads by engaging your customers in meaningful conversations and guiding them towards reserving and booking with little or no human intervention.

Imagine a travel experience so tailored, where every recommendation, from flights to activities, aligns with the traveler’s desires.

Travelers enjoy a highly customized planning experience, receiving recommendations that match their unique preferences, leading to increased customer satisfaction and higher booking rates.


An AI Assistant That Understands Your Business, Your Services, and Your Clients

MyTrip.AI Assistants understand travel planning and understand your business because they crawl your website, and understand documents uploaded to them. 

Customize your greeting and chat flow by explaining in natural language how you would like your Assistant to perform. The AI Assistant engages the traveler in conversation as it learns what the customer wants.

It then recommends services from your website, your providers’ websites from connected APIs, and partners, and can even customize those services in a complete customized itinerary. Examples of provider integrations include Amadeus for Flights and Hotels, and sites like GetYourGuide, Viator, and your current suppliers for activities.

MyTrip.AI + Your Team = Winning Combination

The Assistant works in perfect coordination with your team to pass passengers who are ready to make a booking or need human assistance to your team of Trip Planners. 

Your AI Assistant can collect the traveler’s name, email, and trip preferences and send an email of each chat transcript to your Trip Planners in the form of a natural conversation.

It can pass chat sessions to a human operator upon user request via web chat, telephone call, a Whatsapp chat, and arrange meetings with the user via Calendly, Hubspot, and other scheduling and booking software by passing the user a booking link.


Converting Visitors into Conversations into Customers

It’s a race to establish a relationship and help your customers achieve their travel goals quickly and efficiently

MyTrip.AI Assistants revolutionize the inspiration phase of travel planning. You can converse with it as if you’re chatting with a knowledgeable travel advisor, making the journey of discovering new destinations a delightful and interactive experience.

The Discovery Phase involves attracting potential travelers, sparking their interest in destinations or services (because your assistant understands their interests), guiding them to the perfect package, and ultimately leading them to make a booking of a once-in-a-lifetime travel experience. 

Highest Performing & Getting Better All the Time

Your Assistant learns from its proprietary process of training, testing, and learning to continually improve. MyTrip.AI’s proprietary testing system poses as different travelers and measures how your AI assistant performs according to pre established tests and defined by you at the onset of the project. This way, we assure that the AI Assistant is performing up to your standards.

Through its training and testing it learns, and improves over time converting more and more conversations into joyous travel experiences


Why a MyTrip.AI Assistant?

Our custom-built AI Assistants are trained to provide a seamless, conversational travel experience for your travelers. 

1. Round-the-Clock Sales & Customer Service

The 24/7 Availability Advantage

AI Assistant chatbots offer the unparalleled benefit of 24/7 customer service, addressing inquiries and resolving issues at any time of the day or night. Travelers can receive assistance precisely at the moment they need it, significantly enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

2. Instantaneous Response Times Via Any Communication Channel

Communicate with your travelers when and how they prefer

With AI Assistants, the days of long wait times and delayed email responses are over. Chatbots provide instant answers to customer queries via not only web chat, but optionally email, SMS, Facebook Messenger, and Whatsapp, reducing frustration and creating a seamlessly flowing travel planning and travel experience.

3. 100% Personalization

Tailored Suggestions Increase Conversion Rates

AI chatbots can predict customer preferences and needs by sensing their needs and analyzing historical data and patterns, enabling AI travel planners to proactively enhance the customer journey. AI Assistants can suggest destinations, accommodations, and activities that align with the traveler’s interests. Increase engagement, conversion rate, and cross sell and upsell travel services to grow your bottom line.

4. Knowledgeable About Your Company, Services & Providers

Lead Travelers Towards the Sale

By indexing and understanding your website, your products & services, your policies, and even provider data via APIs and bots that navigate websites, your AI Assistant is highly knowledgeable about what you offer and how to sell to your customers. Provide us with chat histories an sales conversations to maintain your company voice and style of interacting with your customers.

5. Simplified Conversational Booking Process

Conversational Reservation & Booking Engine

The booking process becomes much more straightforward and conversational with AI Assistants. They can guide customers through selecting the perfect trip and making the reservation process quicker and more user-friendly than navigating the booking proccess on a typical website.

6. Efficient Issue Resolution & Transfer to Human Agents

Swift Problem-Solving

When issues arise, AI Assistants can quickly provide solutions or escalate the problem passing the chat to a human agent. This efficiency in issue resolution can turn a potentially negative experience into a positive one.

7. Multilingual Support​

Breaking Language Barriers

AI Assistants with multilingual capabilities can communicate with travelers conversationally in their preferred language, making the travel experience more comfortable and accessible for a global audience. Grow your business globally now that you are online 24/7 and can communicate effectively in any language.

8. Integrate with Your Tech Stack

Integrate AI With Existing Systems and Data  

Advanced teams of AI Assistants can become the brain, eyes, and voice of your organization accessing your CRM, databases, and even partner systems to orchestrate and automate processes and interactions with travelers and employees. Use Zapier, API’s, and bots that can navigate and take actions on websites as your smart integration tools.

9. Complete Customization & Ease of Implementation

Define What Your AI Assistant Can Do, And We Build It For You

Simply chat with our AI Assistant Builder to help define the requirements of your company’s assistant(s). Tell me about your company and what you want your AI Assitant to be able to do, what it shouldn’t do, and what data it should have access to, and we can quote an approximate cost and timeline to build your custom AI Assistant. 


Integrate with almost any existing system

Imagine if your IT systems and those of your partners integrated seamlessly with your AI Assistant. 

Reduce busy work and serve your clients by offering them exactly what they need in the moment they need it. 

Do you have questions about how MyTrip.AI assistants can integrate with your systems? Let’s discuss it over a call.

Integrate MyTrip.AI Assistants with most any system


Custom AI Assistant
for Sales + Service
Expert assistance creating your bot
$2500 setup
$195 / month
Custom AI Assistant
+ Integrations
Advanced integrations and customizations
Get a Quote
Automatically engage with your website visitors
Assists users with trip planning 24/7​
Collects user contacts and sends you via email
Pass chats to human trip planners
Continue conversation via Whatspp or phone call
Schedule meetings with Calendly and more
Learns from your website by crawling it
Max 100 pages
Unlimited pages
Upload text, PDF & spreadsheet files with your info
Max 100 mb
Max 1000 mb
Hours of setup customization & assistance
5 Hours
Integrates with TileDesk Open Source Chat
Automated continual improvement & testing
Integrate with 1000+ applications via Zapier
Connect with travel APIs like Amadeus
Custom API and Systems Integration
Collects user info and sends to your CRM
Custom knowledge & fine tuned LLM creation